Thursday, August 08, 2013

DSpace 3.0 Upgrade Procedure

Upgrade DSpace from version 1.8.1 to version 3.0 (failed)


1) The tutorial below records the steps used to upgrade our DSpace instance at Bromley College.

2) Our upgrade process involves building DSpace from source

I attempted the upgrade procedure but it was far from straightforward.

I finally got an error free upgrade to DSpace 3.0 running on the test server only to find the LDAP special groups authentication code that we use to differentiate between staff and student login was broken.

Apparently this had been fixed in DSpace version 3.2. However, when I copied over the authentication file from 3.2 and rebuilt DSpace the special groups code still did not work for me.

The problem was that only the first line in following file was being read
##### LDAP users group #####

# If required, a group name can be given here, and all users who log in
# to LDAP will automatically become members of this group. This is useful
# if you want a group made up of all internal authenticated users.
login.specialgroup = all-authenticated

##### Added By Clive Gould on 31/07/13 to allow for special groups
login.groupmap.1 = OU=StaffUsers:all-staff
login.groupmap.2 = OU=StudentUsers:all-students

The first login.groupmap statement was being read, whereas the second was being ignored. The problem appears to be with file. However, I was unable to find a working solution.

As a result we are going to stay with DSpace 1.8 on the production server for the forseeable future